Brand Identity

Transforming the story and values behind your business into a corporate brand is one of our favourite projects to take on. We love logo design, and crafting the perfect visuals for your brand.

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Make your mark

Strong, powerful imagery sets the standard for your entire business, and our team of expert designers will craft a brand identity to make an impact.

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Designs that work

Let your logo and visual identity communicate for you, setting the stage for conversions as soon as a prospect hits your website.

Logo Design Bangkok Branding Thailand Digital Agency Web Design

Full branding packs

Get a comprehensive branding pack with a logo and style that transitions smoothly across channels, from social to traditional media.

Do customers say “wow” when they see your brand?

Brand Identity Branding Agency Thailand Logo Design Bangkok


Driving customers to your business is at the core of a marketing strategy, and a strong brand identity helps boost recognition and create new sales.


Let’s face it, you’ve got to look polished and professional if you want to impress prospective customers. The first step is to get your logo and branding in order.


Getting your logo design right helps communicate (visually) what your company is all about, and helps you form a closer connection with your customers.

Branding your business

Your brand promise is critical to communicate to a potential customer. This tells them who you are, what you stand for, and the unique value you can provide. Get it right, and your brand will help you build a strong and loyal following.

Logo Design Thailand Bangkok Branding Agency Corporate Brand Identity

It’s time to update my logo. Seriously.

Why is branding so important?

Being a little different to your competition is a good thing. Weird demonstrates personality. That there’s real people behind it all. When you’re a small business this is critical, as your personality is what’s going to attract customers. Even better, they may even remember you when they eventually need your services. Whether it was a funny advertising campaign you promoted, or the strong tagline you’ve got that just sticks in their head.

Every single interaction with your company is an opportunity to show a customer what you stand for. To demonstrate what you value. To give them a reason to shop with you instead of your competition. Our goal is to help build a strong presence for your business, so you can get to work on establishing your reputation and build a foothold in your industry. Add a solid marketing plan into the mix and you’ve got a recipe for success.

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What our clients say about us

  • "I found Travis to be proactive in the work I asked him to complete, thorough, professional and managed the project both within time and financial constraints. I would recommend him without hesitation"

    Andy Flynn Owner of Worldwide Relocations
  • "Having been referred to Studio Digita by a colleague, I immediately saw a team who did not bamboozle me with tech speak and who was prepared to listen to me. We've achieved more in a short space of time than we had in the sixteen years, and everything is done in a clear, logical way. Nothing seems to be too much."

    Colin Bartlett Owner of Sutlet Group
  • "The kind of know-how, personal service and attention to detail that instantly tells you not only are you dealing with professionals, but that gives you that level of trust and confidence knowing your company and brand are in capable hands."

    Lawrence Chaney Owner of GPS Legal & Consulting
  • "I always look for the best of the best within the market and with Studio Digita I got lucky; their technical abilities and know-how are impressive but equally important to me is a good easygoing can-do attitude, so in this regard it was a double win for me. Definitely looking forward to working with Travis again!"

    Noah Weinzweig Owner of TenEighty Productions
  • "Let’s face it. Our old websites really sucked. And then we met Travis and his team at Studio Digita who undertook all the work on our new websites. Our requirements were challenging, but the results have been impressive and we are delighted with the end results. The Studio Digita team is fast, accurate, affordable and cool. We also benefited from great advice on design, content and targeted information. Capital Television highly recommends Travis and his team’s services."

    Raine Grady Owner of Capital Television Group
  • Travis is awesome. We're so glad we found him to look after our Wordpress-based Bangkok real estate website (1dproperty). He listens, he's a team player, and he cares. Nothing is too much trouble, and he's a delight to work with. We can't recommend him enough.

    Wandee (Lekky) Iamyoung & Stuart Kelly Owners of 1D Property

*verified reviews from our awesome clients on facebook and linkedin