Why You Need A Website For Your Business

The internet’s rapid growth has many small business owners struggling to keep up. In addition to the responsibilities entrepreneurs take on just to keep the lights on, they now have to compete with the largest companies who are spending massive amounts of money to build awesome websites.

Every business needs a website, yet statistics show that half of small businesses today still don’t have a website.


That’s insane.


This problem is killing small business owners. Today, customers expect to be able to find your website online at the click of a button, especially if they’re not yet convinced to buy. Perhaps they want a little more information on your company, or don’t fully understand your product. Perhaps they want to ask some questions and just need a number, or want to see testimonials from real clients before they sign up.

This is why you need a website for your business.


Here’s what real business owners have to say about the lack of even a simple website. Do any of these ring true for you?

“I don’t have the time to manage a website with everything else on my plate”

“Building a website is too expensive for me right now, perhaps next quarter”

“My business isn’t ready for a website right now”




Deep and meaningful customer relationships. Having a website acts as a channel for customers to find out more about you, the story behind your business, and your products – on their own terms. Use your website as the hub for your online presence and interact with your customers on social platforms so your visitors know you’re listening, and appreciate their business.


Building a strong brand. Potential customers form an impression in just seconds, and a sleek, intuitive website is a great start. Clean, well-designed websites go a long way in getting your visitors to form a positive opinion of your company, and you can pack it full of unique selling points so every potential customer knows why you’re better than the competition.


Quickly establish trust and credibility. Convince customers your product is worthwhile by demonstrating feedback from other happy customers on your website. Reviews and testimonials allow clients to experience what real customers think, and when tied to non-biased profiles from other review sites, new customers will have all the information they need to decide if they will trust your company.


Your business is no longer invisible. The first place consumers turn when researching a purchase is Google, and if you’re not showing up in the results, you’re not going to make the sale. Our websites are optimized for search (SEO), and when tied into an effective advertising campaign ensure you’re found when clients are after the exact services you offer. You need a website for your business because it also helps you to build credibility over any of your competitors who have yet to update their own.


Reach customers across the globe. Being online helps cement your business in a position that word of mouth marketing could never achieve. Online, there are no longer any regional barriers, and customers from other cities, states and any part of the world are now able to find your website. If you have a product to offer these prospects, this opens up new customer bases and revenues which were previously unattainable.


Makes you more effective. Keeping all of the information about your company together in your website gives you a fantastic marketing tool. Perhaps you meet a new prospect who is interested in one of your services, send them to your website (before spending a half hour explaining what you do – only to find out they’re after something entirely different). You can also direct sales calls to your services page or online quotation forms, saving you time and helping to qualify the real leads from the masses of prospects.


Supports repeat business. Providing new and valuable content helps keep your business fresh in the minds of your existing customers, especially if you tie it in with your CMS and email marketing campaigns. Your best prospects are past customers who you’ve already convinced to buy once, a special promotion or a new exclusive deal is often enough to encourage repeat purchases.


Today, having a website is one of the most important aspects of running a business. Just like an ad in the Yellow Pages used to be a key marketing tactic (fondly remembering all of the AAA Window Cleaners), you’re putting your livelihood at a huge disadvantage if you’re not online. This is why you need a website for your business.

Of course, maintaining a website requires cost, time and effort. Our team of web experts understands this, and here at Studio Digita we have affordable solutions we manage for you, which means there is nothing holding you back from getting your online presence up and running – fast.

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