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Got a question or two about website design, or the digital marketing strategies we use? Read through some of the most common web design FAQ our clients ask our web agency, or get in touch if you’ve got additional questions of your own. We’d be happy to help.

What does it cost for a website?

It’s impossible to put a price on it without first defining the scope. We’ve got some basic off-the-shelf products that come with a fixed price tag, but if you’re needing something custom you’re better off giving us a call so we can have a chat, learn what you need the site to do, and give you a ballpark estimate.

Do I even need a website?

Yes. It’s a store-front that never closes, allowing you to reach a larger audience, across the entire globe. There are potential customers everywhere, for your business to succeed you need to ensure you’ve got a website that allows them to browse your products and services from the comfort of their own homes.

Why hire a professional to design my website?

Just like you hired a professional interior decorator for your office, you need to apply that same logic to your website. On the internet, your website is a virtual showroom, and is often the first chance you get at making a favorable impression on a potential customer. Don’t let your business down with a sub-par website.

How long does it take to design a website?

It really depends. If you’re working straight from a theme and you’ve got your content written already as well as all your images sorted, we can get a site up in a week or two. If not, it’ll take a little longer. But don’t fret, when you speak to us we’ll be very upfront with estimates on the timeline for each part of the process, so you’ll always know what’s being done, and when it’ll be completed.

Will you teach me how to edit my website?

Every time we design a site we include up to 2 hours training where we run through our handover documents which teaches you how to update and edit your site through the WordPress editor. You can also call us if you’ve got any questions, we’re happy to help out.

How do I maintain my website once it’s live?

There are periodic updates to WordPress that are rolled out as new functionality is developed, and security vulnerabilities are fixed. We highly recommend you keep your website up to date, and have a website management plan you can purchase to ensure your site is not compromised.

What kind of content do I need on my website?

It depends on your goals. At the most basic level we recommend to have an introduction to the company, as well as some background on the story behind the business. You need to clearly describe your products/services and the benefits they offer, and give enough information to ensure an interested visitor can make a purchase. If you’re after a content marketing strategy for SEO purposes, you’ll need to be regularly creating value-adding content for your visitors.

What’s your hourly rate?

We charge a standard $100 USD / hour across the board, whether it’s on design, development or consulting work. Overtime and rush rates are charged at $200 USD / hour, but don’t worry. We’re very upfront with our estimates at the beginning of a project, and can provide weekly (or daily at your request) updates on a projects progress. Before charging for any rush work or running over an initial estimate we’ll let you know, so there’s no horrible surprises on your final invoice.

What are your payment policies?

For our project-based work we usually run with a 50% upfront deposit, and require 50% on final completion, before we migrate a finished website to a clients servers. If it’s a monthly service, like our website management or our SEO packages for example, payments are to be made before the month commences.

What if I have a problem?

Each of our clients has the contact details of one of our account specialists, and you’ll find we’re pretty easy to get hold of, even outside of general business hours. If you have something that needs urgent attention, let us know and we can look into it, and give you an idea of what’s needed to get it fixed.

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